Ask any parent and you will hear some of their stories, and efforts in preparing meals for kids.

Science recognize that kids in special under 6 years of age have an increased sensitivity of their taste buds. As we grow older, taste sensitivity decrease. Children can distingue very rapidly between high in sodium, sugar, high in fats, umami foods  and blend ones . An Netflix documentary about kids explained that this process is happening because the development of our brains at early age.

The bad part is when kids eat processed food with low nutritional value. All processed  food in general have high levels of sodium,  high concentrated sugar and other added artificial food additives. As we mentioned in previous posts, the way how you behave as a parent  when come to kids meals  is very important.  When food is made for the family  share the same food  with the kids. You will need to make some decision that more kid friendly meals  will be at the table for everyone to enjoy, but as long as are from wholesome ingredients, diverse, from all major food groups including macro and micro nutrients you are on the right path.  The main idea is to eat good healthy meals together. 
Making meals at home also  give you the chance to control  the ingredients, resulting in less added sodium and sugar. For snack time include fruits  seeds and nuts.

Kids are picky eaters and that’s a fact, let them pick from the healthy food choices at your home made food table.

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