When comes to food choices there are habits and preferences . In a study done and recorded in the Journal of Nutrition Health and Aging a comparation in different groups of overweight population and their diets was made few years ago. Here are some interesting  facts. 

When come to consumption of starch (potatoes. rice, fruit, vegetables, etc) the highest consumption was in the younger overweight adults with  more than 2 to 3 servings per day. Older adults group prefer less starchy vegetables but the fruits consumptions was almost identical with the younger group. The most  fruits consumed were apples and oranges,

Sweets, sugar drinks, (snack), highest usage was  recorded in the younger adult population by far. Older adults preferred fresh fruits as snack between their meals. 

Meat and  poultry was  registered with higher consumption  in younger adults . Chicken, beef and smaller amount of pork was the preferred choices. Fish has the highest consumption in the older adults.

Dairy and cheese was reported to have a higher number consumption with  middle age and older women. Milk was reported to have higher consumption in older adults with preference to skim milk Vs. younger adults that choose whole milk.  

Eggs was reported to have a higher consumption in the older adult population.

Olive oil was the preferred oil, with usage recorded more in  older obese populations. 

Alcohol  during meals was reported to be way higher for older adults with preferred  consumption of red wine

There are more to the study, like social economic background  that influence the study results but you can see the pattern in eating habits already.  

Younger adults tend to have a more western type diet loaded with more starch  and the older adults choose a more of a diet associated with a Mediterranean style  diet. Even the “Mediterranean Diet’ is reported to be a more healthy style diet, there is no significant change in the percentage of  i older adult obese population Dietary patterns  can be braked and the results can be dramatically  in special in controlling and eradicate obesity.  You can improve your health by simple choose the right diet. 

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