Science say that is very difficult to eat healthy in our younger ages and in special in the early `20,  but as we older, we find a more sense of eating clean and healthy foods. Starting an anti-aging food program at the age of 40 will increase life expectancy this days up to 100 years without getting trough major health problems or even common health problems can be reduced to a minimum or completely eliminated 

Who can benefit of an anti-aging program? Everyone who have a diet that is  consist of processed food, red meat consumers, smokers, alcohol consumers, people who are stressed  due to  heavy work  demands, people who are exposed to chemicals related conditions people who leave in heavy polluted cities  and anyone who  have a chaotic diet that doesn’t meet their demands of life.

An anti-aging program is very effective with results in first 6 months.

First we need to acknowledge  the macro factors  that contribute dramatic to the aging proces 

  1. Stress  (can be reduced by stress management, therapy, meditation and relaxation techniques) 
  2. Nutrition (Wholesome foods) 
  3. Digestive processes (including assimilation and elimination) 
  4. Degenerative processes ( eliminating free radicals, maintaining a good level of oxygen, antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C , selenium help to protect  against free radicals ) 
  5. Hormones levels  ( can be improved by hormone therapy) 

Anti-aging trough nutrition

  1. When eating, more important is to get more nutrients than calories. Is proved that eating quality nutritious foods like colorful vegetables  place a less stress demand on our digestive system and prolongs life.  
  2. Eat less ( small portions )  trough out the day. This help your body to feel better by reducing the metabolic load demand.
  3. Eat less fat, in special  saturated fats and animal cholesterol. Avoid eating more then 25% calories from fat during the day. That will include cooking oils, butters etc.
  4. Eat complex carbohydrates ( whole fruits, whole  grains , root vegetables,  squash, zucchini, legumes )  
  5.  Consume moderate proteins  trough out the day  with up to 75% requirement from legumes, vegetable protein, seeds,  nuts
  6. Eat a chemical free diet ( organic)
  7. Eliminate nicotine, alcohol,  high sugar and salt intake
  8. Drink plenty of water
  9. Detoxify at list one a year
  10. Consume more foods  that contain antioxidants and micronutrients  

Along with keeping a good and healthy nutrition there are other factors that affect the ageing process like keeping active and eliminate stress 

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