What you need to know about food additives and preservatives is very simple, read the manufacturer label on the back of the product. Easy, right ? But who does understand all those complicated chemical names that are attached to our foods and drinks? Why do they add it?  Is it healthy?

Check some common additives, their explanations and the impact they have on our health.

Benzoic acid- used in drinks, meats, low sugar food products. Benzoic acid can temporarily create difunctional digestive enzyme functions and reduce glycine levels . Can create life – threatening situations for people with allergies asthma and other respiratory health problems.

Butylated hydroxy  anisole ( BHA)- used in high fat processed foods like oils , butters also used in chewing gums, beer,  and other foods for not going rancid.   BHA is associated with  hormone disruptions  and developing of tumors, can also form genetic mutations  and is considered a carcinogen.

Calcium Benzoate. This preservative is added in special for drinks, low sugar foods  and have same health threatening effects. Same like Benzoic acid, creates health  problems to people with asthma and allergy

Potassium  Nitrate. This preservative is added in special to meats. has a high impact in reducing oxygen in  blood,  it form carcinogens and is associated with disfunctions of adrenal glands.

Sodium Nitrate- used to  alter color of smoked meats and fish. This additive in combination with stomach acid create carcinogens

Sulfur dioxide. This preservative is added in special to wine, fruit juices, and some carbonated drinks also in dried fruits and dehydrated food product. This can cause stomach irritations , nausea , asthma attacks, skin rashes and in test for animals shown that this additive can create DNA damage

Many more  preservatives are used in processed food applications  and as regulatory agencies may tell you that those are safe from human consumption,  but reality is that no one can tell for sure how long-term use of those foods with additives and  presarvatives can effect  our health.

Some food processing company even specify  on their products that some of the preservatives are for keeping food fresh or preserve texture or to preserve colors .

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