At Smart Food Solutions we all about cooking healthy and  for that reason we recommend using the best food ingredients on the market and keep the cooking process to a minimum to preserve  most of its nutrients.

Cooking beets is a simple and easy process. Choose organic small to medium  beets with leaves ( you can cook the leaves as well in a different process and make a delicious side) .

Using a knife start by  removing the leaves from the beet root ( keep  leaves refrigerated). Wash beet roots with plenty of water to remove any dirt. Using a vegetable peeler or a small paring knife, remove outer skin and discard . Cut beets in  cubes and place in a pot with cold water and small amount of sea salt.(salt helps to preserve texture and color and improve taste). Place pot on a heat source and bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer. Cook beets to a medium texture, drain and dress with a small amount of  olive oil, sprinkle with salt for taste.  Other spices are added by preference but not needed.  Beets will be delicious just the way are prepared.  Can be garnished  with fresh chopped parsley. Enjoy cubed beets hot or cold.


Check here for nutritional benefits of beets.


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