If you are serious about loosing weight  here are some foods to give away and achieve your goal faster.

1.Pure fats. All liquid oils, butters , and all “healthy alternatives: of butters like Smart Balance

2.Packed sugary foods. Candy, cookies, cakes, frozen desserts

3.Refined grains. All products that are not using 100% whole grain ( pasta . rice etc)

4 Mayonnaise and cream dressings

5. Energy bars , except the one made of whole foods

6. All breakfast cereals that are not made of whole grains  and do not contain less then 5 grams of sugar

7. Artificial sugars

8. All dairy products milk, cheese, coffee, creamers, sour cream , yogurt  ( all cow milk product)

9. Meats like beef, pork and lamb and any processed ones. Consume lean meats like chicken breast, turkey breast , no skin

10 . Any sauce that contain more then 10% calories from fat

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