Making good decisions when you are shopping for food makes a difference in your health and family budget. Here are few tips

Buy store brands. Usually cost less then brand names and taste the same. Choose the same nutritional values

 Buy what’s on special and in season. Special means the store have a larger quantities of the same product and it go on sale to avoid loosing quality. Do not purchase old foods with a “manager special” it may be too old to keep around and in special if you prepare foods for kids or elderly with a weak immune system

Buy only fresh and the amount that your need for 3 to 4 day to avoid spoliage

Read the label information to avoid high calories, sugar, salts  and to benefit of other usual information like the amount of fiber, vitamins and to be able to compare with other similar products

Use dates or sell by date to be able to buy the freshest food

Buy fat-free or low fat milk to cut fat amounts in your diet. (Kids under 2 years need whole milk)

There are lots more to look for when  shopping for food. Read-only information from well credible sources, use common sense and remember to read labels and buy fresh

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