How to correct mistakes in baking breads
Crust too dark .
1. Oven temperature too high.
2. Excessive milk or sugar.
3. Excessive baking time.
4. Over proofing.
Crust too light.
1. Oven temperature too low.
2. Insufficient milk or sugar.
3. Insufficient baking time.
4. Insufficient proofing.
5. Insufficient mixing.
Crust Broken.
1. Insufficient proofing.
2. Insufficient liquid.
Crust too hard.
1. Oven temperature too high.
2. Insufficient proofing.
3. Insufficient sugar or shortening.
4. Excessive steam.
5. Insufficient liquid.
6. Baking time too long.
Crust too soft.
1. Oven temperature too low.
2. Excessive sugar/egg yolks/shortening.
3. Excessive oil/margarine as a wash.
4. Insufficient steam during baking.
5. Baking time too short.
Poor flavor .
1. Over mixing/resulting in a hot dough.
2. Insufficient floor time

Poor texture

1. Wrong type of flour.
2. Insufficient floor time.
3. Insufficient proofing.
4. Insufficient mixing time.
5. Excessive dough heat in mixing.
6. Excessive proofing

  • Bake breads 350 to 475 degrees in a standard oven.
    Bake breads 340 to 450 degrees in a convection oven.
    Give correct proofing time.
    Wash with correct ingredient to suit the type of bread being produced.
    Cool correctly to avoid sweating.

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