What is clarified butter? Butter without of milk solids and water, so it can withstand
higher temperatures. It is known as ghee in Indian cuisine.
How buttermilk, sour cream and crème fraiche, is produced? Bacteria culture is added to dairy milk. Cultured buttermilk is made from skim milk that has been fermented. True buttermilk is made from churned whole milk. The curds have separated from the whey and then the whey is fermented. Buttermilk is not as acidic as cultured buttermilk and it has a fuller flavor.
What is Ice cream? A mixture of air, cream, ice crystals and sugar that are churned together to develop a creamy and sweet consistency. Reduced-fat and nonfat ice cream products use fat and carbohydrate substitutes to replicate the creaminess of ice cream. Corn syrup, dry milk and/or vegetable gums may be added to further mimic full-fat ice cream. Soft-serve ice cream is generally reduced in fat and contains more air than full-fat ice cream.

What is lactose-free milk? Milk that is formulated for people who cannot tolerate the milk sugar lactose. In lactose-free milk, lactose is broken down into two simple sugars: galactose and glucose. These simple sugars are easily detected on the tongue. This is why lactose-free milk is sweet in taste.
What is yogurt? Fermented dairy milk that has thickened into a partial solid. It is useful in baked goods, dressings, drinks and soups for its creaminess and taste.

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