The story starts like  .. that I have to make puff pastry for a client and picked up a recipe out of a blog posts  like all we do here and didn’t work at all . I took then on Martha Stewart recipe just to belive there isn’t such a thing that a cooking celebrity will put her recipe on line if wasn’t working. This was good and made sense all ingredients and quite satisfied looking trough the stove glass waiting  on puff  to get ready. I FOLLOWED THE SAME TIMES AND TEMP.

My puffs went big  and  time is up ….just to find out few seconds later that all of them went flat… well is late and there not enough stuff to make any more .

Now I start researching and after I talked with my client on how she finally have them done it came to be more simple then it looks like .

On the blogs, and other websites all came to do this and that from high heat to low heat, poke with this and that open door of stove that much and not too much… let me tell you .. is another simple way to make it .

My recipe is based on try and fail. And it works in any stove and any environment

Boil water with half of water amount butter or vegetable oil .(yes is the same  results )

Add 1/2 salt per cup of water .

When it boils turn off the the fire and add  flour , how much ? Half of the amount of the water  and mix until all together incorporate,make like a loose dough, return to stove and mix for 4 minutes. REMOVE AND COOLL  FOR 10 MIN.Add eggs  4 eggs per cup of water. Add one at the time mix until incorporated.

Preheat the oven at 375 yes .. don’t bake at higer heat as most of the recipe probably call for .. it will burn the bottom of puffs faster and won’t grow to the full potential.

Bake for as long it takes to achive a medium dark brown  I will say 35 to 40 minutes but remember this time won’t work on all, is mostly depends on your puff size . So look for the color . They should be hard to the touch like a shell .

Check one before you remove all from the stove .The dough inside should be completely dry otherways will colaps.

Let completely cool before you do anything else like fill and decorate.

Tip . Make puffs of small to medium size so dough cook faster inside .

Be patient and let the puff stay as long as need in the oven to achive the color and make sure are dry inside.Make sure you sacrifice one to check inside the dough if dry before you take all out .

Recipe will make 30 small to medium size

2 cups water

1 cup flour

2 t spoon salt

1 cup butter

Simple as can be …








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