Eating fruits is an excellent way  to achieve your intake of  antioxidants reducing the risks of getting sick. Fruits are a good source of minerals, water , fiber and we all know that fruits are packed with vitamins.. I believe that you should be selective in what fruits you eat due to the needs of each individual. A person who is healthy  and not following any diet restrictions may have all fruits in the world, but for someone who is trying to lose weight  that may not be the case. Some of debates still consider that all fruits are healthy which as I mentioned early all should be healthy for a healthy person since fruits contain important antioxidants and fibers along with the carbohydrates which is you fuel for the day. Since carbohydrates equals sugar  lets look in to the best fruits  and stick with  those which can increase your antioxidants and  fiber  and not that much of the carbs.
“S , S” remember that when you buy fruits , one “S” stands for skin and one “S” stands for seeds in fruits, think of  blackberries, grapes, apples and so on . Skin and seeds in fruits  provide extra  fiber and contain lots of  vitamins.


Use the whole fruit versus just juices  and eat only organic, chemicals free fruits

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