That label of All NATURAL  is tricky as it can be. My story begin at a well know food store faimos for their healthy food and produce. I was looking to buy organic chicken breast for a client . Now  I was sure that the store should have it .. it was obvious that a healthy store for that  reputation need to have it. Right?

Looking around at the poultry section its “all natural” but no word Organic on labeld..  More reading “No antibiotics” “No growth hormones”  “Pasture raised” “Cage free” ..but no Organic Price for all natural chicken no hormones  is 6.99 a lb  and that’s high for chicken, cage free is 7.99.Wow.. I decided to ask the man behind the counter why chicken which by law is required to have no growrh hormones is so expensive? He smiled …and said is because is all natural … I asked him if they have organic chicken breast ..he said is  all organic and natural.. I asked for the label to say  Organic Chicken. He said they don’t have that kind. Then it came that he showed me a whole chicken with a label to say  “organic”  and the lb was for 10.99 for the whole chicken . Imagine the price if was pre portioned already .

What in the world we become to have a price like that for? Just feed de chicken organic food as it should be and let it run as it pleased and then …oh,you figure it out that’s a money maker. I want to know if is the producer or the store which sells its or is a national price for those organic chickens to be so high

We are made to belive that all has to come with a price .. why?  So  as long as is a money maker they figure it out to attach words on labels to make it look as is out of this we got here in the first place don’t know ..

I don’t want to believe that your friendly neighborhood grocery store try to trick you with labels. Or do they?

Baked Chicken and roasted potatoes
Baked Chicken and roasted potatoes

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