You should  love this salad and here are few reasons why. Is healthy easy to make, delicious, fresh and go along with lots of dishes. 


Cactus leaves also called nopales are low in satutated fats, good source of vitamin A ,C,K , B6, rich in Riboflavin, Iron, Calcium  and Magnesium. 

There are lots of health benefits abviously from cactus (nopales),some includes fighting cancer, loose weight do to the fiber rich content, clear skin and a natural way to lower insulin levels in people with Diabetes are  just fee to mention.

Setve 4:

You will need :

2 cactus leaves , cleaned (no torns)

One small onion 

1 bunch cilantro

1 medium jalapeno 

Fresh  juice of a lime 

Salt for taste. 

This is similar with Pico de Gallo dish recipe but switching the avocado with cactus.

Cut all ingredients in small bite size and combine together.  Add lime juice and salt to taste.

Easy enough and healthy that taste so fresh.

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