Reading trough the food world of social media with lots of recipes including videos and other details is a time consuming and not all may work out.

How come most of the recipes shared are not reliable even with instructions..not to many have experience in a professional cooking environment and that is obvious. Most of the recipes don’t have a yeld ..I was to follow recipes to the ounces in special when you bake .. but now there isn’t number of people mentioned, that recipe is useless for me.

Lucky for me that I can cook and have all the experience of a professional chef that gives me the chance to correct mistakes in online recipes and still achieve great results but I can just think of others frustrations with online recipes.

I find out that are few reliable sources of internet based recipes that work great and those you can find on sites of celebrities of cooks, chefs , tv personalities or cooking tv channels because are tasted and adjusted to the point that makes them proofed but they lack the modern  approach to culinary with a  propper portioned size and beautifully designed displays

The safety of some recipe and also some of the online communities with food commentaried scare me as well. 

Reading that eggs are kept at room temperature in USA was a mind blowing. People who advise that eggs kept in a summer heat inside of a car for 24 hours are safe to eat is just as bad as it gets.

Another made a video to use olive oil to sear meats on a high heat to generate all this smoke and have people comments on how delicious and good the meat looked..some that claim that salt is place with boiling eggs for easy peel the shell..and so on, I know that if you are a professional chef can spot those right away.

An advice for all home cooks here is that you need to keep up with the science, new discoveries in the culinary world on trends and newest cooking techniques. Also be open minded and embrace new things or at list try it out before you decide to say no. Old style cooking can be a great base for anyone and culinary founders are not wrong, but if you know how to add new discoveries and apply right food science you will achive some unbelievable results. 

I believe that knowledge has to be challenged all times and reinforced with new informations on daily basis in order for a person to learn and grow. 

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