The absorption of calcium in our body and its relation with food is very important.
Most of us associate calcium and vitamin D that help absorption because of milk but   vitamin C and A are very important in the absorption process. Actually those vitamins are in a relation to help each other in absorption and transportation

Food and calcium
Foods like whole wheat and foods rich in fibers that contain  phytic acids or rich in oxalic acid like spinach, chard, beets or coco are not helping in absorption of calcium. A high intake of proteins, fat, phosphorus acid is not suitable for helping the absorption of calcium.

On the other side  a normal protein intake trough its amino acids, moderate fat intake,  an acidic environment  (vitamin C)  are helping factors for absorption of calcium. As a fact the absorption of calcium is always associated with amino acids and vitamin C,
green leafs  like collards, turnips, vegetables like broccoli, cauliflowers,  peas, corn are  good sources of calcium. Many legumes and in special beans contain a good amounts as well.  Consume more sesame seeds , sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, some fruits  like apricots  and figs are a great option.

In the cooking process use herbs like parsley that contain good amounts of calcium

Here are some other factors that should be considered in helping restore calcium deficiency.
Increase levels of activity. Increase vitamin D, A and C intake. Avoid a fast intestinal tract to allow absorption of calcium and other minerals as well. Reduce levels of stress that help stomach to produce proper levels of acids. Maintain a good function of kidneys for proper elimination of phosphorus acid.

Our body use a relation between minerals and vitamins to maintain a good function. Calcium in a relation with other vitamins help in contraction of muscles

A balanced diet is a healthy diet.

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