Straight to the point.

  1. Extend your information data base on whats healthy to eat, be open minded, check facts from multiple sources  before you apply to your lifestyle. Not everyone needs same nutrition.
  2.  Buy wholesome  foods only
  3.  Shop for food from local sources, Become a “Locavore”
  4.  Do not consume process foods
  5.  Get familiar with cooking light calories meals from all  major foods  groups
  6.  Eat balance nutritional meals that are providing you with a variety of nutrients for the level of activity you set up for the day
  7.  Eat for a purpose, don’t just eat. Eat only when hungry
  8.  Enjoy what you eat. Mindful eating
  9.  Experience with  Superfoods
  10.  Keep up with your hydration
  11. Eat seasonal foods
  12. Eat in moderation 
  13. Choose a nutrition that is 80 % plant based

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