Is Nutrigenomics/ DNA diet the one for you?. Some nutritionists, doctors, researchers believe that food is not only calorie intake for the benefit of energy release but also food carry a massage to our genes. Lots of studies now concentrated on the relation between the human DNA and diet.

Nutrigenomics is an approach to a more customized diet based on genetic testing/ biochemical makeup. A test is most likely to be conducted based on 19 genes and personal history to give you amore insides into a more personalized diet. Based on the test results, answers can be provided for individual health issues such as insulin sensitivity, tissue repair, heart and bone health, antioxidant capacities.. a personalized diet can be outline based on those results as well.

Negative about this approach is that critics call for only 19 genes to be tested in this method out of 25k genes discovered so far in our body. Since this is a healthy approach with fresh foods, controlled carbs reduced sugar some scientist believe that DNA diet is similar with a reduce carbs diet that will lead to same result as a low calories diet

We believe more to come in the future on the positive approach to Nutrigenomics since the research in this field has just begun and to give up such an advance research method will be a bad mistake.

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