Consume less animal protein like beef and other hard to digest meats.
Digesting animal protein create different substances into our body like extra uric acid, ammonia and purines that are absorbed in to the blood stream as well making your body more toxic.

A low carb, high protein diet lead to more ketones in our body  that make blood to be more acidic. An acidic body age faster with appearance of old and firm lookin skin.
A high meat protein diet is considered toxic to our body putting lots of stress on liver and kidneys that have to work harder to process this type of diet . Also a high meat intake lead to constipation and the creation of more toxins and  an unnatural process to humans.  A high meat consumptions is taking twice as much time to pass through our system then other foods. The longest the body take to process one particular food more health problems will create because chances of crating more toxins are higher.

(In a study over six months periods obese individuals lost an average of 20 lb. in six months by just switching to a more plant friendly diet (Atkins Center for Complimentary Medicine Research, 2002). A longer study showed that high protein diets leads to a cardiac contractile function impairment, heart arrhythmia,  and increase risks of cancers.

Consider eating beef no more then once a week will help you loose weight.

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