Here are some rules that everyone should be agree when loosing weight.

1.Drink water.  This real works . Drink at least  half of the body weight in ounces of water per day but not more than 100 oz.

2. Eat at list 3 meals a day  with  added 3 to 4 snacks . Eating  increase your metabolism.

3. Eat real food to make a  positive change in your body . Consider micronutrients and macro nutrients  present in foods that are fresh made from wholesome ingredients will help you loose weight. Processed foods are stripped out of those nutrients.

4. Have a snack 30 minutes before  you exercises. Exercising on an empty stomach is stressful to your body. You will lose more weight by having a small snack like a fruit because your body wont need to make adaptations to conserve energy  and will fuel up from snack and increase your metabolism during the physical activity.

5. Start eating early in the day to start your metabolism. Lots of people claim that  they cannot eat breakfast.. but if you are serious about loosing weight and  heal yourself  that is a must.  By eating breakfast  you will set the body into the right directions and set the path for the metabolism  to follow. have  some fruits, healthy fats , wheat grain cereals /oatmeal. No need to get a big breakfast

6. Controlling the stress and your mood during the day is crucial in loosing weight. Cortisol is so-called stress hormone that everyone needs to well function  but if its levels are elevated  in special in the evenings  your body will suppress release of insulin  and store fat directly from sugars.

7. Reduce alcohol drinking and caffeine intake. Alcohol and caffeine will reduce  liver functions, will influence insulin output  and one of the most important is that  alcohol and coffee interfere with liver detoxification. Serious people who try to heal  and lose weight  will give up caffeine and any alcohol.

8 Change from medication to real food. Understand that  your kitchen is your pharmacy  and  the natural unprocessed foods that you have in your refrigerator and pantry is your medication.  Tell your doctor  that you are about  to begin loosing weight  with the help of wholesome foods Vs. of medication / choose a doctor that support eating healthy.

9. Monitor progress and note any body changes.  Focus on positive outcomes to help you inspire  and continue on your path to success

10. Loosing weight always start from the head down. This mean that you must have a sense of understanding (you make your homework)  before you attempt any diets  and start losing weight. Part of your plan is to set realistic goals, follow trough, remain motivated, get support, enjoy the process, never doubt, be patient  … see the results

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