What you eat has a direct impact on how you feel , ultimately effecting the mood and daily activities. Hormones such as insulin affect neurotransmitters  and their balance. Serotonin a very powerful hormone found in the blood that regulate moods is not present only in the brain but produced in high percentages by the trillions of bacteria in the gut, this is the connection between what you eat and your mood balance . Trillions of gut bacteria are influenced by the food you eat and transmit trough the spinal cord neurons signals straight to the brain.

Knowing this information specialists  consider that health problems can be fixed  like mood swings, panic attacks, sadness  tremors, mania, insomnia,  inability to concentrate and focus, gastro intestinal problems, emotional changes, fatigue,  appetite loss, anxious feelings, sadness, loss of interest in things, learning disabilities, inability to concentrate,  sugar cravings …

Eating the right food will revers all of those problems. Particular foods have the power to restore the neurotransmitters and hormones imbalance. Try  spinach , turkey, peaches, sardines, oranges , carrots , all fermented vegetables , collard greens,  cantaloupe, broccoli, apricot, chickpeas, walnuts, pumpkin seeds,  mackerel. Eating regular those foods will improve gut bacteria and ultimately solve the health issues associated with the hormones imbalance and will restore your mood.

You are as happy as your last meal you eat

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