“We are what we eat” this is true as the main contact with the body and in the process of leaving is food. Don’t just eat, eat consciously and make sure eating is a benefit to your life not just another task of the day.

Medical knowledge about our body as in anatomy of the body will always help. You will have a more understanding about the process of eating, and how human body processes all the intakes.

Food is to create energy in our body.

In early Greek mythology and when philosophy was more seen as a way of discovering things there was a large numbers of experiments made on human bodies , it was discover as the movement came out from as we are ingesting food the body react by heat and create electricity who put muscle in movement. So food has to provide energy, a healthy structure of the body will make it more to prolong life and sustain life.

In order for any transformation to occur in the body and mind process. There are rules to be fallowed. Is a little difficult at the beginning till you get comfortable with some of the meals, how they are prepared and how are they will be appetizing for consumptions

Follow few tips:

Read as many materials about cooking and food you can and improve your recipe books with up to date materials and facts about the food world.  Leave your life in the vegetarian way if possible, or increase vegetable and decrease meat consumption

Read the labels : this is very important ; to know how to read a label from a food manufacturer is key. Knowing the quantities of ingredients added or just basic staff as how many proteins crabs vitamins are per serving will make a difference.

Have a research in how much of all this (proteins etc) per body mass a healthy normal person need and stay in that range as much is possible. Create a variety, and try to diversify  as much you  can.

Remember: Organic is more per cost item, but is healthier,

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