We all know how to cook eggs right? But glory to the ones who don’t. Here is a study we made and after reading someone’s else data on a similar study we agree that eggs are to be cooked at a specific temperature.

Boiled eggs, yes, how many stories we read about? Is like every blogger is reaching for this subject at one point.Now we all should agree that we have to start with cold water when we boiling egg. RIGHT? second we all need to agree on the temperature of the water we cook the eggs in right? Of course. Lower temperature is to go for.How low? From 140 to 180F the max . Sience show that the eggs white start coagulate at 135. Also to be safe we  recomand temperature as low as 14oF should do it. Just outside of the danger zone. Don’t ever let the water boil at 212, if you cook it at this temperature the egg white will be rubbery and tough.

Same is true for over easy eggs and all other  styles of cooking eggs.

Cook over easy around 165F and I belive will be just perfect . The egg white will be soft and you’ll be  able to easy cut into it. We use a induction cooking top where we control the temperature for best and we observe the transformation of egg and we belive for now at list cooking eggs require a lower temperature .

An over hard egg cooked at temp of 165F

Over hard eggs cooked at 150F

Over easy egg at 145F

Reduce temp. Increase time, now we have perfect eggs ..

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