Spring time and here comes allergies.. Allergies comes in many forms  and  occurs mostly  when our organism have a weak immune system. Cigarette smoke, pollen, dust , different substances, ingredients in food,  just to mentioned few here are factors  that trigger allergies. Since all have to do with the immune system, is important to know how to keep it alert, ready to respond and defend.

Now, it  takes  multiple receptors from our brain all the way  to sensory receptors  to respond  and knowing that all you  have to do is to maintain a proper diet’

Eating balanced  meals  can get you off of so many allergies.  Increasing the nutrients like antioxidant, minerals ,vitamins  good fats will let your body defend  the allergies

Start with a good healthy organic breakfast with lots of antioxidants from berries, or a green powerful plant base blend to boost your immune system ,  eat a nutritional healthy salad  filled with seeds, nuts and sprouts, complete with fresh raw ingredients  …… I think you know what’s the idea ….  your immune system will defend entire body.

You can look at this way.. whatever nature brings in have its own cure back in nature. Eat organic colorful foods  in season ,  minimum processed foods, free of additives and in abundance. Create a healthy life style out of what nature can give back and  a strong immune system should settle in to defend allergies .

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