Eating a starter as a salad or soup proves to add less calories to your day by reducing the amount of food you can eat as an entree. Soups and salad can be consumed as stand alone meals if are prepared right with good amount of proteins and combinations of vegetables that include not only fibers but also rich nutrients.
Peaches are in season and can be used to create a delicious salad.
For this recipe you will need:

Fresh clipped spinach
Fresh celery
Fresh English cucumber
Fresh shredded carrots
Salt and pepper for taste.
Olive oil
Fresh lemon juice
Fresh diced peaches
Boiled egg
Fresh onion (optional)

In a bowl combine the ingredients. Serve cold

Tip. Choose a medium soft peach for easy dice and consistency. add salt and pepper for taste only at the end. Make just enough for one time because spinach do not preserve well.

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