It is believed that the stress will be the main cause factor of eating disorder and most of our health problems in the near future.

The world demand tremendous effort, multitasking between family and work. Some people overreact to their day-to-day life and  may be the case of  intense emotions and a feelings associated with not having enough time to solve the daily tasks.

Stress can be caused by a lot of other factors then just trying to balance family and work time, from intense emotional experiences, personal changes,  overexposure to electronic stimuli and so one . By weakening our immune system stress  generate some of the  changes in immune function, hormonal response, create unbalanced   digestive tract and have negative impact  into cardiovascular system that  lead to neurological, or musculoskeletal systems as well. it is proven that headache, backache, infection, and even heart disease and cancers are triggers from the stress effect.

What actually happen in your body when we are stress .

Our brain release different types of hormones when over exposed to fear and increase   productions of  adrenaline for example. All hormones is believed that are  having an impact in the metabolism . release of adrenalin increasing the blood pressure and heart rate. When we are in the panic alert  the main blood circulations is not in normal flow  and may be reduced in some parts of the body to help increase the flow in the muscle and brain but will decrease in to the digestive track . ( do you ever feel hungry when you scared ?)

Our suggestion is to not eat when you over stressed because the digestive system needs a lot of energy  to properly complete its functions.. by not enough blood flow and decreased energy some of the foods in our digestive track can`t be digested  efficient and are main causes  all the way to cellular levels .This lead to inflammation of blood vessels.

If you are not convinced yet that stress is a big factor in the function of nutrition here ae some healthy problem associated with stress  and food.

Allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, constipation, depression , diabetes, fatigue, eczema, headaches, indigestion , infections , insomnia , irritable bowl system , nutritional deficiency , peptic ulcers, neck and back pain, premenstrual fluctuations , psoriasis and the list can continue.

How a good nutrition can help .

First let say that in order for nutrition to work  you will need to reduce the stress at all levels , by promoting a healthy life style.  Regulate your emotions,  balance your physical activities, get plenty of rest and learn to prioritize  will definitely be some key factors that can start helping to relax.

 A diet which is composed of high nutrients  is recommended  including soups and salads which are easy to digest.

A cleanse diet can help by eliminating some of the toxins accumulated in the body

Increase food that are rich in Vitamin B and C  that help to reduce stress

Increase water consumption

Avoid heavy meals

Avoid processed foods

Use natural herbs and roots  in cooking ( all kinds )

Cook foods to preserve texture and nutrients  for increase fibers and vitamins and minerals.

Tip . Relax before you going to start eating to fully beneficiate of the quality of your meals. Your mind should be free of negative thoughts.Increased stress result in increased levels of nutrient used.

Try this experiment.  Before you eat make sure the outside stimulants like loud music , TV , cell phone etc.   are not in use. Stay in the present moment (Now) to enjoy your food. Foster the thought of healthy meal and the benefit you are about to receive from it . Use your mental voice to stimulate this process expressing gratitude and fully understanding of the benefit of eating good tasty foods. Remain relaxed,  try to imagine that with every bite, healthy nutrients are  released in to your body.

Remember: Increased stress result in increased levels of nutrient used  

Changing your mind  will change your body.


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