Eating healthy is easy if you have the right information ..knowledge comes only from experience, so start cooking and eating  healthy today.
Most of the recipes that everyone share are informational only and they may work or not for you, unless you try it and succeed at it . You can see it this way, recipes are made as guidance unless you use recipes for baking. Baking is a science and chemistry combined and require precise measurements.
Scratch cooking
Start with raw ingredients is a must in healthy cooking, chopping cutting putting things together to cook in a pot or a skillet, taking time to develop flavors or to apply efficient cooking methods is something that we all need to continue learn since the  science of cooking provide us daily with new discoveries. We used to say that cooking should be teach in any school, from early years because knowing how to cook and in special healthy foods will set kids on a path of a healthy life. Healthy food, believe it or not, can prevent, reduce and eliminate a lot of common healthy problems without any use of medication.
Popular diets.
Be aware of the negative impact of diets on your health. Follow only diets that have registered studies that can be tracked for records. It is very important to look at the studies time period, because our body can assimilate and adjust any changes but will create major health risks in times and in special with abuse.
Two types of environments are to be observed with eating healthy and healthy lifestyle. One is the physical environment you leave in ( city , country , region) and the exposure to different chemicals, pollutants  from water, air, atmospheric pressure  energy levels from  power lines and power plants close to you etc., all will have impact in your health  …
Second environment is you ability ( mental) to create that happy, healthy thoughts. Emotional distress have a direct impact in affecting your health. The Germans release numerous studies that show clinic relations between the stage of your mind and health issues . Do you know that grief caused by loose of someone close can create cancer tumors in different parts of  body organs? How about the feeling that a person doesn’t feel integrated or accepted in their family? That have a directly impact on your kidneys. Well, there are studies under so-called the New German Medicine that provide an alternative to heal cancers. More info you can find here

Type of food.

Local, Organic, unprocessed food is the best option. Learn to cook healthy and eat only food that is value to you. Eat to nourish your body and not just as a necessity. Our body respond different to each food . You may be allergic to half or more of the food you eat daily but because the allergies are so small do not trigger too much signals. Some of the food create inflammations at different levels in our system and create damage in time. Different test are available from DNA , blood type  and allergy  to determine  foods that are to be reduced or excluded from diets. You my like a particular food  and because lack of information you may not know that food create more damage than you may expect in your health.



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