Lemon chicken smf

To create this plate you will need:
Infused lemon olive oil
Cooked and chilled chicken breast
Organic bread crumbs
Baby carrots
Light brown sugar
Purple cauliflower puree
Peas and pear puree
Micro greens for decoration
Lemon peel for decoration

Cut chicken breast and toss in a bowl with  flavored lemon olive oil
Place your bread crumbs in a different bowl .
Heat in a non stick skillet at medium temperature little infused lemon oil  and when hot start dregging chicken in bread crumbs and add to the skillet. Remember the chicken is cooked just need to reheat.  Do not toss around the chicken. Just flip on sides every few seconds to obtain that nice crisp color bread crumbs, control the heat, bread crumbs can turn dark very quick.
Carrots. Use baby carrots, cut long ways in 4 pcs.
I used water and brown sugar to cook carrots and reduce it complete when no water remain . By this time the carrots were cooked half way. At the end I add little oil and sprinkle brown sugar . I use the light brown sugar and toss carrots until caramelization cover and coat all sides..complete the dish by having the sides puree .We prepare all puree in a food processor and use squiz  bottle and a spoon for decoration, few micro greens went on top.
The rest is presentation and can be achieved,copy mine or use your own creativity lemon peel was added for color.
You cannot find this recipe nowhere  else since is our creation from start to finish . If you find ways to improve it . Please let us know .

Lemon chicken sfs.txt


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