Is important to know  that cooking for your family at home  or as part of your working job, safety in foods is very important .

This guide is intended for both home or commercial use.

Food that is frozen should be thawed in such a manner as to prevent the temperature of

food from rising above 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Methods for thawing meats  at home or commercial are as follows:

Method 1. Under refrigeration.

This is a safe method and is recommended first because the temperature of the frozen foods remain constant and can be monitored easy.


-Food to be thawed will be placed in the refrigerator one, two or three days before it is needed to allow it to be thawed at 41 degrees or less over a period of time. (depends of the size of the frozen meat time is increased and decreased but not to exceed 3 days )
-Meats to be thawed must be placed in a separate container on the lowest shelf in the refrigerator to prevent contamination of other foods with meat juices.

Method 2:Submerging in running water.

-Food being thawed by running water must be completely submerged in running water.

-Water temperature used to thaw must be no greater than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
-The temperature of the food being thawed does not rise above 41 degrees Fahrenheit.. tis is a methods that work of small under a half lb. of frozen food because used  in large frozen meats can be costly and not safe (time and temperature abuse)

Method 3. As part of the cooking process.

-Food being thawed as part of the cooking process must have the length of time for cooking adjusted to assure that the temperature of the food reaches the appropriate core temperature prior to serving (e.g. use of microwave oven)

 If you have any questions please drop us a line and remember that safety in foods is very  important and not to be taken lightly

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