When comes to eating foods no one can tell you what to eat, when to eat or how to eat.

Eating healthy foods, organic may come to a cost, true.. but if you look at the priorities you make in life will be ridiculous not to choose to invest in your own health vs spending on unnecessary things.

No one will live forever. No one will escape sickness and loss and that reason only should be enough for you to think that eating healthy will reduce your grater risks of getting sick earlier or at all.  Belive it or not, eating unhealthy will have its own consequences.

Healthy isn’t just eating vegetables, we all know that, we all need carbs and fats but choosing the good ones is the difference. Now this days are planty of information about how to make it healthy your own way.

Enjoy eating your healthy foods 

Eating healthy foods have lots of benefits, better functioning of your mind and body a healthy life style which ultimately  we are all entitled.

Take time to cook healthy meals at home is important. Make cooking a  positive process for entire family  from the way of gathering ingredient, preparation time to aranging the table  and eat. Invite family and friends to your table and share a meal together.

I remember Sundays in my familie growing up ..always was about food, I know that menu very well and I know that relatives close to us were at the table. They always brought dessert….

Nourish the meal times, make each bite a mindful bite and make memories to last a lifetime time 

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