Is hard to write about how healthy should be your meals in today’s social media, because when comes to food is just as everything else, politics, religion etc .
Some people will say food is food and do not put  too much thinking in to it .
I think food should be as clean as it can get, I’m talking no pesticides, minimum processed, non GMO.
After all, who wants to see the perfect fruits and vegetable in the stores like big apples and extra   puffed strawberries, shining wax products or injected for longer shelf life?
We all need to recognize that fruits and vegetables are the way they natural should look like . Some are small , iregular shaped same as nature intended to make them, without any artificial support.
I WILL ASK YOU THIS. Will you choose a big fruit knowing it was treated before with a number of chemicals or choose an organic labeled fruit but may be of an inferior look?
Meats, poultry  sea food same ..just another story of how antibiotics and other growing factors are added in to it to make it for demand. WHY?
Is a big interest in producers to sell fast, more and as cheap as possible produced. Make sense right ? Will probably make sense for shoes made in China or other stuff which is made cheap and sold for a profit, why FOOD?
As more you sell the toxic foods more of us gets sick and less you can sell in long run . That make sense. So buy organic, buy local, buy seasonal.That make sense
The biggest problem is this . Big companies CEO’s , Owners wants a big profit for the company and make sense, now they cut corners, food is bought in bulk, big contracts SYSCO, US Foods.. and so many others. Organic? Way to expensive for bulk when a meal per day is calculated at 2 dollars max per person. You know how much a decision maker in food industry makes? Do you know they eat mostly healthy? Organic and clean food? But is a choice you will tell me.
NO ISN’T,  because the price of organic milk is 7 dollars and a watermelon with no chemicals added is 8.99  just because…what? I thought no adding chemicals in the growing process is cheaper.
Well we need to treat the plants and everything else of all kinds of environmental treats like bugs, weeds etc you will say.

If you don’t want to be responsable and make clean products just get out of the business and let the one who can afford to work harder and do the right thing. THAT MAKE SENSE .
I bet you that if yoy make more money you will look in to alternatives of getting healthy, Why? Because now you can, the price of foods is regulated by big companies the one who set the prices as much they can sell it for and make the extra profit. 
Too much to think who’s responsable but you can help by sending the right message, dont buy unhealthy foods because you will pay your medical bills later.
Make organic food affordable for everyone by not buying bad foods ever.

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