For who needs to reduce  salt  intake there are other spices what can do same and give great flavors.

Salt reduction tips

Use garlic, onion powder to replace stocks, bullion cubes or pre made stocks.

Homemade stocks is one of the best way to reduce salt because you can use  the vegetable or the meats you want to setup the flavors   Not every meat needs salt so sprinkle meats with, lemon juice poultry seasoning no salt and herbs.

Make dips out of plain yogurt and herbs,  if salt is needed add at the end of the cooking process.

Salt reduce moisture, add salt only after your meat is brown on both sides.

Salt makes dried beans and peas to be tough so add only at the end of cooking process.

Do not  get highly processed foods and use no sodium added products.

For all spices and herbs to be effecting when eliminate salt:

1. Double the marinate time for meats and poultry.

2. Add most of the spices at the end of cooking process increase the herbs and spices north a 25%.









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