Busy life style? Eating in the rush by reading emails or on social media ? Do you pay attention to how much food is served? Can you tell how tasty is your food? Are you even hungry? You may not think those are important questions but your eating habits can influence you health.

 Over the years meal size increased and less people pay attention to how much is normal to serve. 

Mindlessly eating showed in studies that will increase  body waight and  creat poor nutrition. 

Other factors like stressful jobs,  not propper settigs at meals together with family, lack of a healthy friendship relations emotional distress…all effect your health. 

The  good news are that eating healthy is easy as you can think of.

First of all make sure all your informations about being healthy and eating balanced meals come from the right sources so you can achive the best results.

 Next step is to try to be conscious about your meals. For that you can start eating midefulness. 

 By beeing aware of what you eat definitly works to eat less, more wholesome foods and become  healthier 

Some tips you can follow to achive mindfulness eating 

1.Try to sit with someone you love  at your meal time away of any external stimulants   (loud noises,  warching TV, crowded places etc)

2. Pay attention of the whole eating process.

3. Slow down and take your time

4. Be positive. Think of the meal you eat versus thinking of your next actions or be interested in what’s for dessert.Just focus on the meal and the eating process. 

5.Nourish the good feelings about the foods you are eating, knowing you are eating a healthy wholesome meal and promote a well-being mind set .

Mindfulness eating results in eating wholesome, nutritional foods which eliminate stress, boost confidence and achive mind-body  balance.

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