If you eating fresh organic healthy foods this quick read can save you money

1. Start by making a menu and a shopping list for 3 to 4 days only

2. Do not buy organic fresh produce in bulk if you don’t have a large family or having a party with extra guests . Stick with your menu

3. Follow portion control and buy only the quantity is needed.

4. Store all your fresh foods at required temperature, 41F and below and in required bags or containers

5. Adjust menu when buying extra foods . Is easy to buy outside of the shopping list. If you change your mind about a particular meal on the menu make sure to adjust it.

6. Buy only for the number of people you intend to cook. (4 oz meat , 4 oz starch, 4 oz vegetable, 2 oz dessert can be easy to follow when you buying foods for one person/meal based on a 2000 calories a day)

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