Like we said before we do not make dishes folowing recipes . Ideas come from years of experience and we can pair ingredients fast for an ultimate taste. Our new creation is a vegetarian dish healthy and with a good presentation. . You can call it vegetable ..stew if you will like .


We posted pictures for the recipe with few comments, call it recipe in the picture.

Start with hot oil  . We use sunflower oil


Brown off a whole medium onion


Add potatoes and carrots and cook for 5 minutes


Add sweet bell peppers and mushrooms and chopped garlic and cook again for 2 minutes letting all ingredients marry together.Cook slow at no higher then 212F
Have prepared a 1/4 vegetable stock and added to your vegetable


Cover up and  let cook until potatoes and carrots are soft


We use a tea spoon of organic corn starch mixed with cold water to add  vegetable little consistancy.
At the end add bok choy then  adjust taste . Can be sweet since carrots and vegetable stock . Adjust taste with salt , pepper  we also add a tea spoon of mushroom soy sauce.


Cover up, turn off heat  let seat for 5 minutes to steam . And is ready
You can start thinking of decoration



We use sliced jalapeño for an add kick and green onion to top with .
Another way of serving this dish is to add a scoop of sour cream .
This is healthy and easy to make . We use only organic ingredients for best results.

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