Good food, flavorful, organic, non GMO, minimum processed, fresh, seasonal, colorful.. and all the other words which describe a good feeling about a good meal. JUST GO FOR IT. Make the decision today. Make it a style of living. Don’t wait, may be too late. Today’s goal is to live as long as we can but to still enjoy it and not under a doctor medicated regim.
Find your local farmers, the honest the hard working farmers and get you sesomal fresh fruits, vegetables and other helthy ingredients.
Cook at minimum processed so vitamins and other food valuable don’t get lost in cooking.
Drink your water, filtered or not, but drink the water. You can add lemon slices or fruits for flavoring.  Drink a plant based tea out of organic ingredients otherways. But don’t add the sugar please. The body adjust to the taste belive me. After a week of no sugar try to have a sugary drink again.You won’t belive the taste .
I cannot force you to do it but remember if you read my blog that  may be a time when you regret not eating healthy .If you already doing it or you started the process, please let me know how is working for you.

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