With senior population increasing  is now more important than ever that we can take an approach not only on the care that we believe is important  but also in improving  the quality of life through other services like daily activities and dinning experience.

Assisted Livings and Alzheimer’s communities are an industry to grow so fast in the last 10 years to now and start showing signs of slowing down. Competition is tremendous  and is over done the industry, running out of ideas to maintain the substantial growth.

We spend tremendous time in watching and analyzing the food  industry in Assisted Livings and  Alzheimer’s  communities, years in time to realize that  nothing change substantially and is ready for something new.

There are plenty of concerns when you come to pay so much money to be in an Assisted Living and doesn’t make sense at all to serve you from a menu which costs less than a McDonald`s happy meal.

The service of food in Assisted Livings have lots of complains from residents and families who demand a better  quality food  and a better execution  of all culinary personal which provided dining services to seniors.

The central focus of today food programs in Assisted Livings is that belief residents are happier with commercial processed foods  filled with starches and less expensive foods to be just as good as quality, healthy, organic foods. “That’s what they eat growing up” we here that statement so often  and we can not agree with it.

Most of the service providers advertise falsely  on their web pages promise to give a healthy wholesome meal with all kinds of nutrients and increased vitamins for healthy leaving .. all that marketing…  isn’t always the case.

Color plates, glass or plastic, table-cloth or not,  budgets increase and decreased , quality of work performed by under trained personal and lots of other factors… there is a problem and is starts with the core where bold decisions are not made to save the culinary department from a major crash in Assisted Livings Industry.

A recent study show that 80% of the senior population want to spend their retirement years at home  along with their families and not in Assisted Livings facilities and for that reason senior health services is heading in that direction, where care is provided at home, cooking services like private chefs, personal cooks and food delivery to adults in their  home set environment with healthy, fresh ingredients just make sense.

With over 20 years of serving senior residents Smart Food Solutions will tailor all  culinary services to the ones in need. We believe  that we can help seniors in our region support a healthy living by providing the best food there is with best fresh ingredients on the market at an affordable budget.





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