Different meat types, different labels, different meaning .. you may hint at what may be, but lets make sure we understand the full label meaning of supermarkets meat labels.

Organic- USDA explain the term Organic that eggs , dairy, meat, poultry are from animals that are not given antibiotics.

Free Range – USDA defined the free range as te animals are raised in free open air or free-roaming environment. A shelter of some sort is also provided that the animals have no restriction to it. The term “Free Range” probably is the harder to regulate by any agency but is used on labels to let customers know that animals are not cage and have access to open outdoors space.

Natural – Natural is not to be confused with organic foods . Natural is more added as food that normally grow but is not guaranteed antibiotics free or any less pesticide or any other food additives unless is noted on the label

Grass Fed- this is another gray area of defining meats with standards that needs to be re-evaluated . Grass feed is determine by the diet of animals that as long as they have the majority grass part of their diet can be label grass fed . The amount isn’t specified or made is as “ONLY” grass so is hard to determine.

Pasture Raised – this refer to a term that the animals are, pasture raised in other term are animals that leave in their natural environment that are maintain ecologically. This term is not regulated so inspection of pastures may be a good idea before you. purchase any foods.

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